Ensemble Sabdagatitara with Kairos Quartett
Klangspaziergang Teltow September 2022 Quartett
Je n'ai qu' une langue. Ce n'est pas la mienne. Jacques Derrida
Katholische Akademie Berlin Oktober 2022
Ensemble Sabdagatitara
Creative Misunderstandings Weltmuseum Vienna
Ensemble Sabdagatitara (Extrakte)
Humboldtforum Berlin September 2021

Eva is working together with the composer Sandeep Bhagwati and his Ensemble Sabdagatitara - ensemble extrakte, a group of musicians with diverse musical origins including traditions from all over the world as well as genres such as jazz, folk, techno, blues and European concert music.

Together they explore new sound scapes and push boundaries of traditional music, based on deep listening and respect for the other and self - a collaborative, creative process.

Performances include a radio play production with Deutschlandfunk Kultur in 2021 "Beim Ertrinken zu singen" (Link to WORK), the 2021 opening of the Ethnological Museum in the Humboldtforum, Berlin, the 2022 closing presentation of CREATIVE MISUNDERSTANDINGS in the Vienna Weltmuseum, an immersive outdoor performance at the 2022 OORtreders Festival in Neerpelt, Belgium - "a meditative mixture of sound, music, singing and reading. An unusual, haunting performance that connected cultures through improvisation and mixed instrumentation." (Sound Now)

Eva is interested in using her voice and music to build bridges between different cultures. She believes that by exploring diverse sounds and traditions, we can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diversity of the world and break from own limitations in order to expand the artistic horizon. Actively seeking out new cultural influences opens up a world of endless creative potential. She is collaborating with various musicians from different backgrounds (Elshan Ghasimi, composer, tar virtuoso and performance artist, Iran / Deniza Popova, Bulgarian singer and researcher) in solo projects, exploring themes of authenticity and diverse perspectives. Presenting this work in art galleries and academic contexts is an opportunity to engage with audiences in meaningful and thought-provoking ways and encourage critical discussion.

Eva brings her voice and liveliness also to conferences (World Web Forum, Zurich) in order to inspire people to find their own original sound and connect with their bodies and minds in ways that feel alive and invigorating.


katholische akademie

Berlin, October 2022

Interkulturelle Beziehungen in der algerischen Literatur, "je n'ai qu' une langue – ce n'est pas la mienne" Jacques Derrida. Ein Dialog zwischen klassischer europäischer und persischer Musik mit der iranischen Performance Künstlerin und Tar Virtuosin Elshan Ghasimi.

oortreders festival

Neerpelt, Belgium October 2022

"To sing while Drowning", a site specific outdoor immersive, performance based on Sandeep Bhagwati's experimental radio play "Beim Ertrinken zu singen". This meditative mixture of sound, music, singing and reading was presented as the sun set in the Klankenbos soundart forest, Belgium. A haunting performance that connected cultures through improvisation and mixed instrumentation. (Sounds Now)

performance of the solo program "chants du monde" in the château coudray

France, October 2022

A program that is a musical and emotional journey through different cultures, celebrating love and loss, joy and wistfulness.

musik im teltower park

Berlin, September 2022

"Vermessene Zeit", ein Klangspaziergang und eine Komprovisation von Sandeep Bhagwati mit Musikern des Ensemble Extrakte und des Kairos Quartetts. Eine Entdeckung von poetischer, klingender Landschaft.

deutsche stiftung denkmalschutz berlin und leibniz-forschungsverbund

Berlin, November 2022

Eine Performance mit der bulgarischen Sängerin und Forscherin Deniza Popova zum Thema "Authentizität".


Vienna, May 2022

Creative Misunderstandings
Concert installation by Sandeep Bhagwati
A collaboration between poet-singers of the indigenous group Tao from Taiwan and sound creators and musicians trained in the tradition of European art and music.


Berlin, September 2021

Encounters in Multiplicity
Opening days Ethnological Museum and Museum for Asian art.
A video / sound / music installation by Sandeep Bhagwati in collaboration with Siaman Vongayan, Lan Yu, and Ensemble Extrakte, Berlin.

recording at deutschlandfunk kultur

Berlin, June 2021

"Beim Ertrinken zu singen"
Link zum Hoerspiel

world web forum

Zürich, January 2020

An inclusive Performance at the conference in collaboration with the Love and Magic Company, covering the topic of leadership in the future.

paper positions

Berlin, August 2021

Gallery BELLEPARAIS, Munich @ Uferhallen
A Cappella Performance "in between Dowland".

son rullan

Mallorca, June 2019

Beautiful Nomad Retreat
Performance Schubert Lieder.