We use our voice every day, all day. It is our essential means of expression. It is through our voice that we bring ourselves into the world, communicate with others. Everything we say depends on our voice. It is not just a metaphor: our voice is who we are, body and soul. To feel well, to be well, in our skin and with others, is to feel the pleasure of the voice. And the greatest pleasure of the voice is singing.

I will teach you how to access your voice, how to enjoy it, how to sing. I teach people of all ages, on all levels. You may be already singing or working with your voice, as an amateur or professional, and want to develop, train and improve. Or maybe you are just realizing for the first time that connecting to your voice is connecting to yourself, and you want to discover and explore the music inside you.

The human instrument is sensitive and vulnerable and I will teach you the technique how to treat it, bodily and mentally. My approach is holistic. Singing is not just in your mouth, or throat, or chest. You sing with your whole self. It is a balance between deep grounding and rising high. It is flying. You will learn how to connect to your voice, to enjoy singing, and then how to grow with it. We will work on grounding, on posture and breath, on focus and resonance. I will teach you how to fly with your voice: how to experiment with your sound and expression, how to do and become music.

My courses are customized according to your level and your wishes, be that to learn a new technique, to work on music or simply to sing for fun. We can work on different styles of music — classic, jazz, pop, world music, French chansons and more, from my collection or from yours. We can work either with music sheets or with recordings (without notes).

I am a professional opera singer, with experience in jazz and pop. I grew up playing violin and piano. Music and performance have always been central to my life. I also find inspiration in other disciplines. Gaga movement enriches my connection with my body; the Wim Hof method develops my attention to my mind and nervous system; the voice training of Kristin Linklater primarily addresses speaking voice but has enormous benefits also for singing.

I teach at my home studio in Berlin Mitte, U-Bahnhof Bernauer Strasse, in a pleasant and light atmosphere.

50 min consultation / trial lesson
60 Euro
50 min private session
90 Euro

package of 5 private sessions
420 Euro / max 3 months
package of 10 private sessions
820 Euro / max 6 months

To develop your voice, I recommend coming on a regular basis, at least once every two weeks.
Make an appointment: mail@evaglasmacher.com or call me P. +49 172 820 61 28