singing... German soprano singer Eva Glasmacher grew up in a musical family. Singing, playing the piano, the flute, the guitar... was just part of everyday life. After several years practicing the violin, Eva started to take singing lessons while still in high school. What started as simple and playful artistic curiosity quickly grew into a passionate and inspired desire to learn more. She soon moved to Munich to train professionally at the Munich Conservatoire with Professor Reri Grist.


with independent work as a soloist came collaborations with various international musicians that gave her the chance to discover and develop a wide range of musical facets: The munich biennale, IRCAM paris, piccolo teatro di milano, Joyce Theater new york, yehudi menuhin's Life Music Now project, the conductor Peter Rundel, the directors Claus Guth, Johannes Schuetz, the pianist Markus Hinterhaeuser, the composer Matthias Pintscher, the director of the dresdner kreuzchor Roderich Kreile,the oesterreichische ensemble fuer neue musik OENM, the saxophonist and composer Mulo Francel, the New York based dance company morphoses.


"Eva Glasmacher ... an impeccable soprano with
beautiful high notes and human warmth."
Berlin Radio


Her current program CHANTS DU MONDE includes songs that may be long time companions, new love, songs she had always wanted to sing, songs that she had picked up "en passant" and carefully researched, songs that are meant to create a flow in between time,style and space and maybe inspire the desire to dance, to hum, to laugh, to dream.
She is also planning a musical project PARIS – BERLIN, a musical journey through the rich history of the two cities.
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